Center for Open Data in the Humanities

Center for Open Data in the Humanities

Promotion of data-driven research and Formation of collaborative center in humanities research


Center for Open Data in the Humanities / CODH, Joint Support-Center for Data Science Research, Research Organization of Information and Systems has the following missions toward the promotion of data-driven research and formation of the collaborative center in humanities research.

1. We establish a new discipline of data science-driven humanities, or digital humanities, and establish the center of excellence across organizations through the promotion of openness.
2. We develop "deep access" to the content of humanities data by state-of-the-art technologies in the area of informatics and statistics.
3. We aggregate, process and deliver humanities knowledge from Japan to the world through collaboration across organizations and countries.
4. We promote citizen science and open innovation based on open data and applications.


Asanobu Kitamoto (Director) *1
 Mika Ichino
 Le Duc Anh *2
 OGAWA, Jun *1
 KATO, Kanji *1

National Institute of Informatics *1
 Keizo Oyama (Collaborator)
 Akiko Aizawa (Collaborator)

Institute of Mathematical Statistics *2
 Daichi Mochihashi (Joint appointment)
 Tomoko Matsui (Collaborator)
 Tadahiko Maeda (Collaborator)