Center for Genome Informatics

Center for Genome Informatics

Support to the bioinformatics analysis of genome and transcriptome data.

PacBio RS II

The Center for Genome Informatics provides support to the analysis of high-throughput genome and transcriptome datasets by utilizing the cutting-edge bioinformatics tools in order to extract biologically relevant information out of the data. Since the next-generation sequencers (NGS) has revolutionalized the DNA sequencing by dramatically raising the throughput of DNA sequences, large-scale DNA-based studies are rigorously undewary in a wide range of life sciences. NGS-based studies by using various analysis protocols such as de-novo- and resequencing (for mutation studies) of genomes, RAD-seq, ChIP-seq, RNA-seq and metagenomics are carried out to investigate not only model organisims but also many novel ones. Whereas NGS can generatate a huge amount of fragmental DNA sequences, e.g., as much as tens or hundreds of an individual genome size, bioinfomatics protocol is indispensable to process the high-throughput data efficiently and obtain relevant analysis results along with biological insights.


Hideki Noguchi (Director)

Shinji Kondo
Kentaro Fukuta
Makoto Terauchi
Hideyuki Miyazawa