■ Researchers(April.1st.2024)

■ Researchers(April.1st.2024)


Database Center for Life Science

PostNameResearch Themes
Director/Project ProfessorKOHARA, Yuji​Advanced genomics for knowledge discovery
Vice Director/ProfessorGOTO, SusumuDatabase integration and its application for life science
Vice Director/Project ProfessorKATAYAMA, ToshiakiResearch and development of database integration for data science
Project Associate ProfessorKAWASHIMA, ShuichiDatabases integration using semantic web technology
Project Associate ProfessorKIM Jin-DongImprovement of productivity and usability of databases using natural language processing technology
Project Associate ProfessorHATANAKA, HidekiData science on foods, allergy, plants, viruses or structural biology
Research Coordinator/Project Associate ProfessorMINOWA, MariInternational standardization on data use and guideline formulation
Project Associate ProfessorYAMAMOTO, YasunoriTechnology development for database integration using text processing and semantic web technology
Project Associate ProfessorKAWASHIMA, MinaeHuman Genetics, ELSI in human data sharing
Project Assistant ProfessorCHIBA, HirokazuTechnology development for database integration
Project Assistant ProfessorFUJIWARA, ToyofumiDatabase integration and its application for rare genetic diseases
Project Assistant ProfessorMORIYA, YukiOmics database construction and its application

Polar Environment Data Science Center

PostNameResearch Themes
Director/Project ProfessorKADOKURA, AkiraSpace and Upper Atmospheric Sciences data
Associate ProfessorKANAO, MasakiNIPR Science Database, Seismology and Solid Earth Geophysics data
Associate ProfessorTAKAHASHI, KunioBioscience (Marine Ecology) database and analysis
Associate ProfessorTANAKA, YoshimasaSpace and Upper Atmospheric Sciences database and analysis
IUGONET(Inter-university Upper atmosphere Global Observation NETwork) system
Assistant ProfessorOKUNO, Jun'ichiGeophysics database and analysis
Project ResearcherKOZAI, MasayoshiMultidisciplinary Database development, Cosmic ray data analysis
Professor (Concurrently)KUDO, SakaeBioscience database and analysis
Professor (Concurrently)TSUTSUMI, MasakiRadar observation data analysis
Professor (Concurrently)OGAWA, YasunobuSpace and Upper Atmospheric Sciences database and analysis
Associate Professor (Concurrently)TOMIKAWA, YoshihiroMiddle Atmosphere Science data analysis
Professor (Concurrently)HOKADA, TomokazuGeology database and analysis
Associate Professor (Concurrently)YAMAGUCHI, AkiraMeteorite database and analysis
Project Assistant Professor (Concurrently)HIRASAWA, NaohikoMeteorology database and analysis
Project Assistant Professor (Concurrently)HASHIMOTO, TaishiRadar observation data analysis

Center for Social Data Structuring

PostNameResearch Themes
MAEDA, TadahikoSampling in social surveys. General topics on survey methodology and survey data management.
Professor (Concurrently)YAMASHITA, SatoshiDeveloping methods of Data Matching and Structuring
Professor (Concurrently)ECHIZEN, IsaoSecurity and Privacy in Social Media
Professor (Concurrently)MINAMI, KazuhiroStatistical Disclosure Control, Anonymization for Privacy Protection
Professor (Concurrently)
MIZUNO, TakayukiIntegration of data science with politics and economics
Project Assistant ProfessorSHIBAI, KiyohisaStudies of international relations with game-theoretic approach, Quantitative analysis of cross-national surveys
Project Assistant ProfessorXUE, Yujie Applications of time series analysis using micro data
Project Assistant ProfessorTAKEISHI, ShotaDetection of heterogeneous subgroups of policy effects and their applications
Project Researcher  Tanaka, YasuhiroData sharing and Compliance management system based on legal risk assessment

Center for Open Data in the Humanities

PostNameResearch Themes
Director/ProfessorKITAMOTO, AsanobuDigital humanities in general, machine learning application, Historical document analysis(OCR)
Associate Professor (Concurrently)MOCHIHASHI, DaichiStatistical natural language processing, machine learning
Project Assistant ProfessorICHINO, MikaHistorical big data, Interactions between climate and society variations using historical materials
Project ResearcherOGAWA, JunDigital history, Historical big data
Project ResearcherKATO, KanjiCreation and utilization of language material database
Project ResearcherXiaoxing WANGHistorical daily weather reconstruction system

Center for Genome Informatics

PostNameResearch Themes
Director/Project ProfessorNOGUCHI, HidekiGenome sequence analyses
Project Associate ProfessorKOSUGI, Shunichi Development of methods for detecting genomic variations, including single nucleotide variations (SNVs), short indels (indels), structural variations (SVs), and variable number of tandem repeat (VNTR). Association analysis for genomic variants with phenotypic traits.
Project Associate ProfessorKirill Kryukov Biological databases, genomics, metagenomics, development of tools and pipelines.
Project ResearcherMIYAZAWA, HideyukiDe novo genome assembly and development of genome polishing tool
Project ResearcherTERAUCHI, MakotoDevelopment of RNA-seq assembler and genome resequencing

Center for Data Assimilation Research and Applications

PostNameResearch Themes
Director/ProfessorUeno, GentaData assimilation system for geosciences
Professor (Concurrently)Nakano, Shin'yaData assimilation for high-dimensional systems, Data analysis based on state space model, Statistical emulator
Research Coordinator/Associate ProfessorMurakami, DaisukeSpatial data analysis, Geographic Information System, Mining of urban environmental data
Project ProfessorFujita, ShigeruDevelopment of the magnetosphere-ionosphere MHD simulation and application of the data assimilation
Project ResearcherLIN ZhihengTsunami data assimilation study for improving tsunami early warning
Professor (Concurrently)Kimura, AkatsukiData assimilation for biosciences
Professor (Concurrently)Ogawa, YasunobuData analysis of aeronomy based on data assimilation and related statistical methods

Center for Juris-Informatics

PostNameResearch Themes
Director/Project ProfessorSATOH, Kenjuris-informatics
Vice Director/Professor (Concurrently)TAKEDA, HideakiLegal Ontology and Knowledge Graph, Ontology and Knowledge Graph in Society

Data Science Promotion Section

PostNameResearch Themes
Research Coordinator/Project Associate ProfessorBABA, TomoyaYou may contact us via email about the organization or activities of our centers, or about collaboration proposals on the subjects you may not find proper contact person.
Research Coordinator/Project Associate ProfessorMINOWA, Mari