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This site policy (hereinafter referred to as “this site policy”) applies to the website (all content in hereinafter referred to as “this website”) of the Research Organization of Information and Systems, Joint Support-Center for Data Science Research(ROIS-DS).

When using links to this website and the information published on this website (hereinafter referred to as “contents,”) you agree to this site policy.

1.About links

In principle, you can link to this website freely. In addition to the top page, links to individual information (cases) are handled in the same way (unless there are notes related to link restrictions for specific information). However, we will refuse links in the following cases:

  • Links from websites that do not fulfil the philosophy of the “ROIS-DS”, such as use or solicitation for commercial purposes
  • Links created in such a way as to present the content of this website as an apparent part of the website linking to us (such as links where the content appears in frames)

Please note that the contents of this website may be modified or deleted without prior notice.

Also, please be aware that the server system for this website may be stopped without prior notice.

2.About copyright

The information published on this website is copyrighted, as a whole, as editorial work, and individual information is also subject to copyright and protected by copyright laws.

The copyright of the contents posted on each page of this website belongs to the “ROIS-DS”, unless otherwise stated, with the permission of the copyright owner.

When using or modifying the contents of each page of this website for print media, various electronic media, websites, broadcasts, etc., please contact us in advance via e-mail ( Please note that if the content you wish to use is copyrighted material of another organization, you must obtain permission from the copyright owner.


To the best of our knowledge, the information contained herein is accurate, but the “ROIS-DS” and our staff are not responsible for any actions that users conduct using the information on this website.

In this website, there may be links to other websites, etc. Other websites, etc. that we may link to are not managed and operated by the “ROIS-DS”. We are not responsible for the reliability, etc. of the contents presented by those organizations and information providers.


This site policy may be revised without prior notice as necessary.

Logo mark

The letters DS, which stands for data science, represent the inclination of the earth (earth's axis), and the surroundings represent four research institutes.

Also images the organization that means social contribution with a familiar silhouette, while expressing how it develops while changing its shape without fitting in the frame.