International Workshop on Sharing, Citation and Publication of Scientific Data across Disciplines (ROIS-DS)

International Workshop on Sharing, Citation and Publication of Scientific Data across Disciplines (ROIS-DS)


" International Workshop on Sharing, Citation and Publication of Scientific Data across Disciplines "

Joint Support-Center for Data Science Research (DS), Tokyo
5–7 December 2017

Scope of Workshop :
- The Workshop will focus on recent topics of interest in the field of scientific data, which are attributed to play a crucial role in global trend on accelerating "Open Science" and "Open Data". Contributions from all scientific disciplines are welcome, including life and bio science, social and human science, as well as polar science.
Inter-disciplinary orientated topics on data management are especially encouraged.
- Presentations will be given that span the entire range of topics of effective scientific data management by individual data center; from management planning and policy, to submission of metadata and actual data, to share the data so as to facilitate new inter-disciplinary science, to long-term preservation and stewardship with global and social perspectives. Topics on data citation, data publication and data journal are strongly encouraged in terms of "Open Science" for the retrieved and archived data. Contributors will report on successes and challenges recently encountered, best practices learned, and what must yet be done to ensure the past data legacy.  Fruitful discussions on data publication issues between multi-branch of science are expected to give a new horizon on data management and to achieve inter-disciplinary linkages.
- By this Workshop, it is expected that mutual understanding on data activities in different fields of science could be obtained, and future activities are progressed, such as a promotion of new inter-disciplinary sciences and new research collaboration using multi-disciplinary data, as well as a contribution to global data activities based on facilities provided by the Joint Support-Center for Data Science Research of ROIS.

Session Themes :
- Data Center - Best Practise & Activity: Current Accreditation Schemes and their Benefits, Positives and Negatives of Current Approaches of each Data Center, Data Management Planning, Data Policy, etc.
- Database, Data System - Network & Administration: Database, Data System, Metadata, Vocabularies, Ontology, Cloud Computing and Storage, Repository Practises & Standards, etc.
- Data Sharing & Inter-Operability: Data Shearing, Virtual Observatories, Information and Communications Technology Infrastructure Protocols and Architectures, Sustainability and Governance Models, Real-Time Data Handling, etc.
- Data Citation & Publication, Data Journal: Best Practise of Data Citation, Data Publication, Data Journal, Scientific Reward and Recognition Systems, etc.
- Future of Data Shearing, Citation & Publication across Discipline:
Any Theme as long as the Data Shearing, Citation and Publication is strategically forward looking across Discipline

Schedule summary:
5 December 2017 @ Lecture Room (4F, NIPR(国立極地研究所))
6 December 2017 @ Multi-Purpose Meeting Room (2F, NINJAL(国立国語研究所))
7 December 2017 @ Multi-Purpose Meeting Room (2F, NINJAL(国立国語研究所))

Important Dates:
15 September 2017: Final fixing of the program (presenters & titles)
15 October 2017: Abstract submission deadline
5-7 December 2017: Workshop date